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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Washing Machine Repair

Remember just a few months ago when I was singing the praises of having a washing machine in my house? Especially now that we have a baby who dirties not only his own clothes, but also mine and tons of cloth diapers?

Well, you can imagine my dismay when it started acting weird and quitting half way through cycles. It flashes all the lights and beeps a specified number of times as an error code. It kept alternating between "water not hot enough," "tub not draining," and "clogged in drain line." I was seriously having nightmares about it quitting completely.

Dave did some research online and decided to start by removing the filter that is before the pump and drain line. After that we would move on to testing the voltage of the drain pump and then see if the control board was still functioning.
This is the filter housing:WHOA.

This is what four years of washing dog-hair-laden clothes/linens and one year of cloth diapers does to a filter. It doesn't help that my long-lost UCD ID card was stuck in there with some coins and a hair clip. As in, INSIDE that 3" long plastic tube thing I'm holding in the above picture. (I looked EVERYWHERE for that card wonder I couldn't find it!) No freaking wonder it wasn't draining!!!!!!!! Isn't that disgusting???

(Since we had the washer and dryer pulled away from the wall we decided to finally install the dryer vent thing in the outside wall. We bought it back when we replaced the water heater. Now the garage won't have to get all steamy and hot when we use the dryer. Woo!)

So I think every year around Eddie's birthday we'll clean out the filter...


Kelly said...

I didn't even know washers had a filter! I better get Jeff to check ours too :D

steph.kelley said...

Haha! What a funny story. I like your two men working away shirtless — a cozy scene. :) xoxo

Kait said...

naaaaaaasty! glad you fixed it, though!

Team Roy said...

Hilarious! And gross. I laughed our loud reading the "no wonder I couldn't find that ID anywhere" comment. Hope the washer continues to work well for you.

mu rye uh said...