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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Protein Production

Woo! I found more eggs today. I don't know why that surprises/excites me so much but it does. I've found 3 sizes/colors of eggs so far so I think at least 3 of the 4 birds have started ovulating. Hopefully the fourth one will soon so I will be assured that it isn't male.The two on the left with holes in them are the first two they laid--I blew them out so I can keep them. You can see that some are really small, one is really blue, and one is brown. The smaller ones are sort of an olive greenish-gray color.Dave finished the nesting box before heading back to Gualala on Sunday evening. Hopefully I will find time to paint it tomorrow night. Dave really wants to get it installed so the birds will get used to laying in it instead of on the floor of the coop. Since it has been so hot this week--100F!--it should be cured in time to use it this weekend. Once it is all done I'll post a picture of our "finished" coop.


mu rye uh said...

That is exciting!

Team Roy said...

Yeah eggs!

Kelly said...

Sometimes the same chicken's eggs will be different sizes too.

When our chickens first started laying we calculated how much we had spent on coop, food, chicks, etc. and divided it by the number of eggs we had collected so far to get the cost per egg. Jeff always likes to know that we're getting a deal. They were very expensive eggs in the beginning, like $50 each! But I think it's worked it's way down to being a better deal than the grocery store by now :D

Kait said...

i love the different much fun. AND you don't have to buy eggs anymore!