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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1990s Middle-aged Man

All of Eddie's clothes are hand me downs from my youth pastor that served our church when I was in high school. This very generous woman has three boys. Every few months she tells me to have my mom come to her house to pick up a few bags of clothes that her youngest has out grown. Dave and I are NOT into fashion and would rather spend our time and money on fixing up he house so this constant supply of clothes has been such a blessing to us.

I don't care what Eddie wears, generally, but sometimes I just laugh at his outfits. Usually I dig through the selection to find stuff that sorta goes together--jeans and a t shirt or basketball pants and a plain shirt that doesn't clash. It should be noted that Dave simply grabs whatever is on top and throws it on--I have laughed a lot at the resulting combinations. One day I met the boys at the park on my way home from campus and Eddie was wearing stripped pants and a different color/pattern of stripped shirt. And I'm not talking about pinstripes or something subtle like that. No, no, there were the typical infant clothing style with BIG BOLD stripes so you could tell from really far away that his father dressed him. (I loooove you, Davie!)

This afternoon the sun finally came out but since it is windy and cold I put a sweater on Eddie before we headed into the yard to play after his nap. He climbed out of my lap after I swestered him and he pulled down the basket full of still-too-big shoes. There was a pair of white athletic shoes in size 6 and he wanted me to put those "shoos" on him. So I did.

...And now he looks like a middle-aged man circa 1995.

Like Ned Flanders without he mustache and glasses. Like any 35 year ol' dad at a Saturday kid soccer tournament back when I was in middle school.

It is the combination of tapered jeans, white athletic shoes, brightly colored sweater, and shortish hair. Modest, clean-shaven, and bland...that seemed to define suburban men during my childhood.

But isn't he just so cute???


steph.kelley said...

Oh cute. You're totally right. I love the "shoos" quotation! xoxoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

Yes, he is sooo cute! I love the outfit! For his next '90s middle-aged man look he needs a pastel colored polo and some loafers :D

mu rye uh said...

so cute and I like fashion a lot but Andrew doesn't care he dresses himself and doesn't match and unless we are getting family pictures done I am OK with it (he has an obsession with cut off tank tops and cut off shorts...classy)

Kait said...

he IS adorable. and i have come to love and to appreciate hand-me-downs...especially with ash. and good thing with boys...they can get away with not matching as much...that's why i LOVE camo for boys...its "matches" everything.