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Monday, January 10, 2011

Wheeeeeeeeeere's Eddie?

Most of our cabinets and kitchen drawers have child locks on them...but some don't. We let Eddie play in the ones that are either empty or full of safe things (like our cloth lunch pails, pan lids, and extra drinks). Recently, he discovered the fun of emptying one particular cupboard, crawling all the way inside, and closing the door on himself. It is so so so funny to hear him giggle with delight when you prompt him by saying "Wheeeeeeeeere's Eddie? There he is!!"

Where's Eddie? Can you tell which cupboard this is? Notice all the drinks spread out on the floor.

(Giggle giggle)
*Thump thump*
There he is!
I know I shouldn't condone his curiosity of small, enclosed spaces because he could potentially crawl into a refrigerator or big ice chest, but this is just too cute.

(On a side note, I personally think those person-sized ice chests--the big, big three-foot-long ones that tail gating sports enthusiasts and hunters use--shouldn't exist at all. I've seen too many news shows about toddlers crawling inside them and suffocating because they can't open the lid.)


steph.kelley said...

Ohh, my heart soars! What a darling. A real charmer.

Kelly said...

Too cute! I love watching his little fingers slip into the cabinet after he closes the door :D