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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Barfy Bumkin

Poor Eddie puked all over me while we were in my parents' living room doing a family photo (Edward, my parents, and us three Bowers). It isn't often that we are all in Livermore at the same time so my dad decided we should do a family photo. My dad still has a cough and wasn't feeling well but we pushed through. After about 5 or 6 frames Eddie barfed. So that wrapped up the shoot!

Poor kid...I knew he was a little 'off' today: no poop when he woke up, not interested in eating much, took a short nap, was super clingy. We were planning on staying another night in Livermore, but Dave wanted to head home so he could have a little time in his own house (poor Dave, he's hardly ever here). Luckily Eddie didn't puke in the car. While Dave was out picking up a pizza for dinner Eddie did upchuck again. I phoned Dave so he could swing by CVS for some kiddo electrolyte drink.

Eddie was SO excited to see that pizza! He ate almost a whole slice of pizza and a bunch of olives we picked off our slices for him, and drank a bunch of the electrolyte stuff.

As I was dressing him in his jammies for bed just now, I told him I am sorry he is sick, that I hope he's all better, but that if he's not it is okay and we will just take it easy tomorrow. I remember when I was little having a tummy ache and seriously thinking that I must have done something wrong to deserve it...that God was punishing me. I HATE having an upset stomach. Ug.

I'm super tired since I didn't sleep well last night ( Dave and I slept on air mattresses last night and they are only slightly better than sleeping on the floor) and I suspect I will have to get up in the middle of night to tend to my sick Eddie. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep soon. My current book, called At Home by Bill Bryson, is so good that I tend to stay up too late reading it.

Oh, and Happy New Year...! :)


Team Roy said...

Nothin sadder than a sick kiddo :-( Hope he feels better soon!

steph.kelley said...

Poor kiddo! I love that his owwy-tummy food is pizza, of all things...LOL. That Bryson book looks totally great! I'm still working through his Sunburned Country, which I adore. Also now reading Delicate Edible Birds, a set of excellent, poetic short stories.

Hugs to you, Barfy Babe, and Hubby at Home! Glad you can all be together for the New Year, even if tinged with tiredness and sickness.... <3 xoxoxoxo

mu rye uh said...

ugh poor guy! I hate the pukies and an upset stomach is totally the worst!