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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Eddie was a good boy during dinner, letting me eat all my food. He even ate some of his (we don't force him to eat and serve him what we are eating, unless it is overly spicy...he eats what he wants). So after he dishes were done I asked him if he wanted some animal crackers. He said "Yeah!"

I asked him to say "please" and he did...Cassie must be working on him because he's never said it for me. I gave him 4 crackers because he insists on having two for each hand. I asked him to say "thank you." He knows how to say it, in fact it was one of his first five words ("tee you").

He looked at me, then the jar. Then back at me. Then back at the jar...he was planning his next move. Then he carefully transfered all the crackers to one hand, pointed to the jar and yelled, "DAT!!!" (meaning "that").

I guess we need to work on our manners a little...


mu rye uh said...

lol ya I am not a big have to eat your food fan for my kids either. And they really aren't picky eaters

Kelly said...

My mom reminded me to say please and thank you for my entire childhood, until it became second nature. I'm often surprised at how often kids AND adults don't say it!! So, keep up the good work and Eddie will be sure to have great manners, eventually :D

steph.kelley said...

You are the mom I hope to be someday: avoiding the "three more bites" game with the kids at the dinner table, making sure to vary the "don't"s and "no"s with more varied and reasoned smart. Excellent parenting (from my perspective). Love you!