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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pet Peeves

  1. I don't like blogs that have auto-playing music on them. It interferes with my Pandora!
  2. fEw ThInGs BoThEr Me MoRe ThAn WhEn PeOpLe TyPe ThIs WaY oN tHeIr BlOgS--It isn't cute, clever, funky, or trendy. It is annoying, hard to read, and trashy. Yep, trashy. Just like skinny jeans: you'll wish you hadn't when you look back at your blog in a few years.
  3. Number 2 is only slightly more annoying than when People capitalize random Words while Typing. The only excuse is if you are German--those people give special recognition to all nouns, but even that's not random because it is for nouns only. But since most of us aren't German, please just take a little time to proof read before finalizing your text. This goes for blogs, posters, emails, etc. If you're not sure if a word should be capitalized, then it probably shouldn't be. The end.


LSharkey said...

I completely agree. Proofreading these COLLEGE papers, I'm constantly correcting random words that they have decided to capitalize, like music. Yes, this is a music class, but that doesn't mean that music should be capitalized.

On the topic of skinny jeans... I think the worst creation in the world must be maternity skinny jeans. Seriously?

Kaitlin said...

1. I HATE that, too!
2. Hahahahha to you and to LSharkey...I got a pair of MATERNITY SKINNY JEANS b/c they were $5 and i LOVED them.
3. Are you referring to my bloge/emails?