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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Eddie's testicle retrieval and hernia surgery will happen tomorrow morning at 7:15. He'll be in good hands with Dr. Edward Levin so I'm not worried...just...nervous since any surgery is "major."

The nurse called me yesterday for the pre-op interview. She said he can't have anything to eat or drink after 3:30am...but to be sure to bring his favorite teddy bear or blanket to comfort him since he will be upset by the change in his schedule and not eating like he usually does. I pointed out that he has no "lovey" and that the only thing that can calm him down in the morning if he's upset is food or going out to visit the chickens. She laughed. I did not. He's gonna be MAD when he can't eat! Thank goodness he's not still nursing because if he wasn't allowed to suckle then he'd be REALLY MAD.

My parents are coming up for the weekend to be here for Eddie and to celebrate my birthday. Dave is home this week but he's in a water treatment course and can't come to the hospital so my mom will come with me instead. We have to leave at about 5:45 (ug) and will hopefully get back home by 11am. Since he's a minor I can't leave the hospital once we arrive. So my mom will probably be sent out to acquire some caffeinated beverages and food for me and her while Eddie's under the knife (a KNIFE! That's not something a mama wants to think about happening to her precious babe!).

Tonight I'll pack a bag of goodies for Eddie to have when he comes out of surgery--I'm thinking donuts, milk, cookies, etc. When I asked the nurse what his temperament will be like when he wakes up after the procedure she admitted that most little boys wake up MAD. She said the act like they've missed out on something and are pissed when they realize what's going on. Great. Hopefully his favorite treats will calm him down. I really hope they are no complications with the procedure, recovery, or anesthesia so we can go home happy. He's really into a photo book I made for him on Shutterfly--it has pictures of him with all of his family members and he likes to point to each person and say their title or name--so I will bring that along, too.

I'm supposed to keep him "calm" for a day or so post-op to let his body recover a little. However, if the pain medication he's taking work well then that'll be a hard task to achieve. If it isn't raining too much we might go to the zoo with some friends since I can strap him in the stroller and he'll (hopefully) remain contentedly still while looking at all the animals. (Wishful thinking, I'm sure.)

Wish us luck tomorrow! Prayers appreciated! I'll post an update tomorrow sometime.


Kelly said...

Good luck to little Eddie!!! And good luck to you Julie, I would be so nervous too!

I'm glad Eddie loves his photo book :D Renee loves hers too. I hope that it helps him get in a better mood after the surgery! Looking at pictures of people you love while eating donuts and cookies, sounds like a good plan to me :D

Justin said...

Good luck tomorrow! My best wishes are with you. Your recovery plan would cheer any child up. (How would Mr Fong rephrase that??)

steph.kelley said...

Good luck Eddie, good luck mama. Best wishes that all goes well and that the donuts do their magic cheer-up thing. :) Big big hugs to all — xoxoxo

Kaitlin said...

Oh I feel so bad you have to send him in to surgery. The worst time I've ever had being a mom was when my kids were in the hospital. You'll both do great, though, and prayers will definitely be on your behalf.

Johnson Family said...

Sending lots of love and good thoughts your way! Be strong Mama and glad to hear you have lots of goodies ready for the little guy once he's out.

mu rye uh said...

Go little Eddie! I don't know if he can bathe or not but when my kids are grumpy (especially sammy from being sick) I put her in the shower. He can sit on a little stool and hang out and play with cups and such. Also I think you should bring in a chicken.