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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend To Do List

I'm one of those people who has trouble concentrating unless I have a 'to do' list made. With the 80 degree weather right now, I am just itching to go home and work in the garden. I have spent most of today working on TA as a treat I'll go water my plants in the greenhouse before lecture starts. On a day like today, a greenhouse isn't as good as being outside--but it sure beats sitting in front of this computer!
  • Buy and incorporate compost into garden beds in the garden yard (2 yards minimum).
  • Fix irrigation in the front yard.
  • Till compost into new garden beds in the utility yard. Eddie and I already bought and spread a yard of compost onto these two new beds yesterday. They used to be lawn, but we decided to get rid of the grass because a) we don't like mowing or watering it, b) our dogs don't poop on the grass enough to justify having to mow and water it--which was the purpose of the turf in the first place, and c) my labmate bought a house and needed a lawn mower (so we gave him ours). (Problem solved! And now we have room to grow more edibles.)
  • Have Dave change the old lawn sprinklers into drip irrigation line (I noticed a connector thing to do this at Home Depot last year).
  • Transfer compost to a new bin to aerate it and bury the fresh stuff that is on top right now (and attracting flies).
  • Buy another bale of straw.
  • Clean out the chicken pen. Put old floor litter into a compost bin and scatter fresh, clean straw on the floor. You can see how dirty the floor is from this picture, which I took yesterday:
  • Finish our new chicken tractor (last coat of paint, staple on chicken wire, buy/attach two wheels, install water and food containers).
  • Prevent Eddie from climbing up any ladders because it makes his mama a little nervous, even though he's able to climb down safely (so far).
  • Go to Costco for milk and batteries.
  • Replace batteries in all smoke detectors.

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Team Roy said...

Have fun checking items off the list! That's the best part about making lists :-) Love the bucket hat pictures too.