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Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer Seeds Choices

Oh, the choices! I went to the Petaluma Seed Bank on my way back from Gualala. This place is adorable, as it is in a historic bank building, and it is stuffed full of non-GMO seeds of every type. Most I haven't seen before...which meant I had to force myself to choose only what we could reasonably sow this coming season. We will still get a few more standards either as starts or seeds (zucchini, dill, basil, jalapenos).

So here are the seeds I chose:

Tomatoes, which we will grow in the front yard in cages and/or on the ground.

Hot peppers.

Pole beans, which we will grow on our tomato cages in the beds where we grew tomatoes last year (gotta rotate for garden health!).

Squash and sun flowers for the front yard, along the driveway. Everyone who walked by our house last spring and summer would stop and smile when they saw our spaghetti squash and pumpkins. This year I will try adding sun flowers and some rarer squash varieties. Fun!

The cashier gave me two packets of last year's melon seeds (Iriquois and Honeybrook) I'll have to figure out where to tuck those in.

I'm hoping to find a few other gardener friends who'll be interested in swapping summer plant starts--I won't need all the seeds I bought but would like to also have a few okra plants.

We have an asparagus bed as of January and two half wine barrels where I have started lettuce greens. Both are on the north side of the house so I'm hoping to be able to grow lettuce far into the summer heat since they will be kept a little cooler than the regular garden beds.

But first I need to mix up some soil block mixture so I can sow my Petaluma Seed Bank seeds!

What are you planting this year?

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Team Roy said...

Come down here and help me start my garden, Julie! I'm afraid I'll kill anything I try to plant - eek! Seriously though, I think I'm going to try peppers, tomatoes and/or herbs. Wish me luck!