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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surgery Pictures & Doctor Visit

I finally got around to adding some surgery pictures to the previous post. Don't worry--there's nothing gross.

Dave and I took Eddie to a post-op visit with Dr. Levin yesterday. After a really long wait, the doctor finally came in and said, "Wait? Is this really the little guy who had surgery only a week ago?" Eddie was charging around the room. I told him that he was back to his normal, super-active self only a few hours after surgery.

It was funny just how giddy and proud the doctor was when he saw the bulge of Eddie's newly descended testicle in the scrotum. The surgery really did work--we can see it! I told him we'd make to sure to call him in 20 years when Eddie gives us grandchildren so we can thank him again!

The only bad news is that Eddie can't have a proper bath for another three weeks. Three weeks! Ack! I thought we only had to wait two weeks, but apparently it is a whole month. Showering is a pain but it gets him so much cleaner than a sponge bath. And given how many changes of clothes Eddie goes through a day due to intense puddle and mud play, you can imagine how much he really needs a shower every day. Oh well, things could be much worse!

We will visit the doctor again in six months, by which time he'll be able to determine if the testicle has atrophied or not (let's hope not).

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Kelly said...

Yeahhh!! Good job doctor and good job Eddie!!! Oh, and congratulations on the possibility of future grandchildren :D