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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boys Eat A Lot!

Here's part of tonight's Gmail conversation.  Ridiculous...*green fruit = what Eddie calls kiwi

9:21 PM me: your son is like a small pregnant lady
  he eats all the time
  he's been having two breakfasts and two dinners
  and i don't even KNOW what all cassie feeds him
 David: hah
  hungry man!
9:22 PM he is a growing boy!
 me: tonight on the way home from her house he had two banana muffins i made, half a giant oatmeal cookie i bought at school, then when we got home he had three satsumas, a green fruit, and a bunch of water
  THEN right after that he had two egg salad sandwiches with pesto and minced tomatoes (open faced...on that small bread i baked this weekend)
9:23 PM THEN he wanted another slice of toasted bread with butter
  he would have eaten another slice but bath was over so i said no, time to brush teeth
  and lately he's been wanting to have either a waffle or pancakes AND a bowl of oat meal at breakfast plus his usual 2 eggs
  then he has breakfast/snack at cassie's right when we get there
9:24 PM David: haha
9:25 PM man that kid can EAT!
 me: i know
  up until now, i didn't have to cook THAT much more for him
  some nights he ate a lot, others not so much
  and since i usually overcook for leftovers anyway i didn't notice
  but now i need to make sure i cook enough
9:26 PM David: yeah, that seriously seems like more food than i eat in a day
 me: haha
  i KNOW
9:27 PM well, i ate: two muffins, half a cookie, slaw, a small serving of rice a roni, a coffee, and 4 small egg sandwiches tonight
  so yes, i think he ate more than i did today
  SHEESH...what're we gonna do when he's a TEENAGER
 David: plus whatever he ate at cassies!
9:28 PM we're gonna need giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiant garden!
 David: good thing we have a lot of land
 me: the best thing about this, is that he's hungry enough that he'll eat nearly anything. he isn't so picky about veggies (still no slimy greens in soup, though)
 David: we cant win them all
 me: :)


Kaitlin said...

oh man! asher used to eat like that. now i have to bribe him to eat. i hope Eddie keeps it up for you!

steph.kelley said...

Hee hee! Cute!