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Friday, May 4, 2012

Picnic in the Park

Sunday was a long day for us.  We spent the morning weeding the strawberry field at our CSA farm.  They needed volunteers and we thought it would be nice to help out.  We forgot Eddie's shoes, but he didn't mind.  In fact, his friend was there and she didn't have shoes on either.  (We were definitely in good company!)

After picnicking in our van to escape the hot sun, we headed to campus where Dave tried to fix my broken instrument.  He had to unsolder and resolder a part onto a control board.  It didn't work.  Phooey.  Eddie was a champ and stayed awake and relatively contented for the hour Dave spent working.  I was also able to pop my samples into the freeze dryer and oven, marking the LAST sampling event of my 5 month long compost incubation (this is seriously a huge victory for me, research-wise).

Then it was nap time, for all of us.  Eddie, of course, didn't want to nap so we didn't get to nap.  Phooey again.  We decided to have a picnic dinner in the park so we took much-needed showers and headed off.  Of course, Eddie fell asleep after 2 seconds in the car.  He was NOT a happy kid when we arrived at a "new park" for our dinner.  After about 15 minutes and some yummy orange chicken in his tummy he was good to go.

We went to Northstar Pocket Park.  Pocket, indeed!  The map icon indicated it'd have a "tot lot" only...but it looked more like the residents in that neighborhood set out some play structures and paid someone to install a rubber mat beneath.  It was weird.  But the only thing that mattered was the we all had a good time: the temperature was perfect, our dinner was yummy, and Eddie enjoyed the playthings.

That's the park.  The WHOLE park. At least the play area.

Aaaaaaaaadorable fellas.


Leah Roy said...

That park is hilarious! Good thing is, Eddie probably thought it was perfect. Whenever I go back to places I used to see as a kid I always think "wasn't this place a lot bigger?" Such little people, most things are big to them anyway so for Eddie or any other kid for that matter, its perfect. Glad you had fun and got to bed early that night. You've totally inspired me to try and go to the parks in our town too, I'm downloading a map now!

Kaitlin said...

Toa would LOVE that "park"

steph.kelley said...

Picnics in warm weather are one of my favorite parts of summer. Two in one day is rockin! xoxo