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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Yesterday we went to Livermore for the day, without the dogs, to visit with my mom.  She wasn't feeling well enough to come here for our traditional high tea at Ciocolat so Edward and I decided to just visit her instead.  It was a great day...because we did a whole lot of nothing but hang out.

Us Bowers picked up Thai food for lunch for everyone from Lemon Grass on the way into town.  And as a special treat, Gayla joined us for lunch.

During lunch my mom and I received cards and pretty flowers.  Eddie gave his grandma a set of blue bracelets that he'd picked out at Target--he was so proud of his choice!  And she loved them so much she wore them the rest of the day.  

Jenniward (or Eddifer, depending on how you want to combine them), gave me a HILARIOUS card.  I forgot it in Livermore but my dad promised to scan it for me so I could post it here.  I sent that picture of Eddie sticking out his tongue to Jennifer a couple of weeks ago when she wanted to see his adorable face. She's not allowed to print in color at work so she had to be sneaky and name the photo file something workish so no one would find out. It was worth it...this card is hilarious!  Especially with the Eddie quote she added!

 Then we relaxed and played with Legos.

Once it cooled down a little in the evening, my dad took us Bowers up to Gail's ranch to feed carrots to the horses and check out the possibility of getting a leaking horse trough from her to use as a planter for flowers at Eddie's school.
 And what trip to visit a grandfather would be complete without a ride on a piece of machinery?
"Go faster, Grandpa!"
That night Edward and Jennifer treated us to some Southern food from Sauced. The pulled pork came without BBQ mixed in and it was perfect.  I hate overly saucy pulled pork.

Eddie got to play in the dirt a LOT that evening, too.  In fact, I had to drag him inside from the compost and soil piles so we could eat dinner.  During the meal he said, "Mama, I want to go back outside to play in the DIRT!"  It was adorable and he got to play out there again with Auntie and Uncle.
He climbed up and jumped down the piles over and over and over again. "Mama jump, too?"  No thanks little man.
I gave Eddie a much needed bath that night before we left.  Then we took some family pictures before us kids scooted off to get some Loard's ice cream before driving back to our homes in Mountain View and Davis.  
Us Levie's
Grandma Jane, Eddie, and his mama
This morning Dave surprised me with breakfast in bed, a card, and a really pretty crystal bracelet.  He made Belgian waffles with a fancy new waffle maker that he also gifted me today.  How lucky am I?  After we all ended up eating in bed, he and Eddie went off to play so I could read my book for as long as I wanted.  Which didn't turn out to be that long because Eddie wanted me to come out and see the chalk drawings he and Dave had made for my special day.

He instructed Dave to draw a "big, big pirate ship for Mama" and also a "big, big, big, big, big blue dinosaur." Scattered around are also quotes of things Eddie said about/to me that morning.
I just did a bunch of gardening tasks in the front yard and now I'm inside keeping an eye on Eddie and the neighbor kids while they play here inside the house.  It's only noon but it's already been a great day.

Our sister-in-law, Bernie, is due to have her baby boy tomorrow but we hear he might make his appearance today.  How fun to have a baby born on Mother's Day!  What could be a better present than that?!

Happy Mama's Day everyone!


Mariah said...

I love that top picture where its all these adults and cute big boy Eddie in the middle. Sounds like a great mothers day!

steph.kelley said...

What a great day! Your kid and his dirt crack me up. And I miss Loard's so much I could cry...or drool...xoxo