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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Let's see what we did for the holiday weekend...
We went to Mountain View to visit Edward and Jennifer.  First stop after unloading at the apartment: Walmart for fishing poles and snacks!
Second stop: Stevens Creek Reservoir.
Twas super windy that afternoon, which made us shiver and have a terrible time casting properly. We had to borrow sweatshirts from our hosts because us Davisites didn't even think about a possible marine layer.  Brrrr.
Eddie didn't do much fishing...because his attention was diverted by the cellophane bags of snacks.  It's nice that he doesn't eat many crackers and chips at home because us adults were (mostly) left to fish uninterrupted while he munched.  We didn't catch a single fish.
Eddie can't cast worth a darn but he sure can reel it in!  He got his own short pole...not a kid's pole, but a "dock" pole that is about the same size as the Barbie ones they sell for youngins.
That night we had a scrumptious dinner of sausage and peppers, cheddar/mushroom mashed potatoes, and creme brulee for dessert.
Eddie helped do the dishes (while Uncle cleverly "helped" by sitting on the chair so Eddie wouldn't tip over).
Davie, Auntie, and Uncle.  The latter two threw a nice dinner gathering...that lasted until midnight.
Eddie and I shared a room and he woke me up at 7:30 the next morning.  Eeeeeeeek, I was so tired.  I knew what time everyone else was planning on waking up, so he and I got dressed (him in his space "shubble" shirt--used to be Uncle's), and snuck out of the house to get bagels at a local shop.  
That day we drove to Hollister for the air show.  Airplanes, fair food, and nice weather: we all enjoyed ourselves.
This was the only plane people could sit inside...and Eddie took advantage.  Over and over and over again.
On the drive back home, I spied a giant compost facility...and got super excited when I realized it was ZBest.  Some of my municipal compost samples came from there!  I made Dave take a picture.
After swimming and hot tubbing that evening, my parents came over for dinner. Jennifer made chicken in a Thai sauce and I made rice and a beet salad.  For dessert we had gluten free scones (see them on the tray) piled with Nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream.  Boy howdy!
My, oh my.
After dinner we watched a show (and the Edwards snuggled!).
On Monday morning Jennifer and I went shopping for fabric for the couch she's redoing.  You can see in the photo above that my mom is sitting on a wooden couch.  Jennifer and Edward refinished the wood and now she's working on new cushion covers.  We totally scored at JoAnne's: she used a coupon for 40% off PLUS the special order upholstery fabric was 50% off!  I bought some beading supplies so I can make more bracelets with Eddie.

Once the car was all packed up, Edward suggested that we do the 8 Minute Abs workout.  Ouf, I'm pretty sure I'd have been better off with only 5 minutes (or 1?) stomach and neck are still sore.

Then we had a quick In-n-Out lunch with our hosts and took off for home where we were greeted by two very happy doggies.  It was nice to see our American flag flapping in the breeze above our garage when we got back: a nice reminder that the holiday is meant to commemorate everyone who has, does, and will serve our country.
We got home on Monday with enough daylight for Dave to change the oil in his car. 
And what great weekend doesn't conclude with another yummy meal?  Dave wanted steak, I wanted salad, we both wanted corn.
We love BBQ sauce mixed with ranch dressing and it was particularly good on this salad.


Mariah said...

scoring is the best I mean at joannes and sales too. And oh my gosh food is delicious and your food looks especially so!

steph.kelley said...

BBQ sauce in salad dressing....WIN!! Will have to try this. And maybe it's a LIvermore (or at least warm-weather) thing, but summer heat really makes me want strawberry shortcake; your version with whip and Nutella looks scrumptious. xoxo!