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Monday, May 7, 2012

Windy Weekend

Oh boy, was it windy this weekend!  We didn't have anything planned for this weekend (thank goodness), so I decided to have a "cleaning party" on Saturday complete with a Gmail Calendar Event and all--my way of making sure Dave knows what's going on.  =)  The house was dusty, which makes me feel icky all over.  I miss those 5 glorious months last year when we had a cleaning service.  Phooey that we couldn't justify the expense after the madness of examing/experimenting/logging was over.

Our to do list was:

Dust all surfaces in: living room, dining room, bedrooms, dining room (furniture, chairs, picture frames, etc.)
Wipe down all kitchen cabinets with orange wood oil
Wipe down all baseboards in house with damp cloth
Paint baseboard near kitchen garbage can area
Wash inside/outside of all windows
Clean bathrooms (showers/sinks/mop floors/mirrors/dishwash all sink things: toothbrush holders, soap dish, etc/refill soap containers/replace towels)
Wash all small carpets (bathrooms, front door, kitchen, dining room)
Sweep and mop dining room/living room/kitchen/hallway
Fold and put away all laundry

Refill fly traps
Hang bamboo shades over bedroom windows
Disassemble and throw away sand bin and crap next to it
Find (and implement) a solution to that sprinkler that keeps breaking near frog statue
Put Eddie's scattered outdoor toys into a bucket/bin/milk crate
Plant beans where tomato seeds haven't sprouted yet
Sweep driveway (yes, sweep) to get all the gravel and soil back to where it belongs
Install front door moulding (finally)

To get ourselves pumped up for cleaning we got donuts on Saturday morning.

After a full day of cleaning (YAY!), we took Eddie to his very first movie in a theater that night.  We saw Pirates: Band of Misfits.  We didn't expect much from him since he's not known for having a particularly long attention span, so we were impressed that he lasted 1.5 hours.  It helped that he got to eat loads of popcorn and too many chocolates from my purse.  Sitting in front of a handrail helped, too, since it gave him something to climb on.
Check out our soda...Eddie could bathe in there if needed!
We definitely got our fill of refined sugar that night.
We made a quick stop at the store to buy some Pull-Ups.  Eddie picked out the pink fairy princess ones and we were about to leave when....we happened to walk past a giant display of big lollipops with every flavor imaginable.  Of course he wanted to get one, so I let him, on the condition that he get to have it the next day after nap IF he was a good listener all morning.  Well.  WELL.  That damn lollipop became a thorn in my side the next day.  He was falling apart into fits of tears and whining all morning (not out of character of late, unfortunately.  He and his two little boy friends at school are all going through an overly sensitive/always hungry/rambunctious phase.  Fun, fun.).  I kept using the pop as a way to remind him that he needed to be a good listener.  It didn't really work. At one point I said to Dave, "If we just give him the stupid pop then it'll be done and he won't keep asking for it."  Parenting sucks sometimes. He did eventually get the pop.  This is why I prefer to shop on instead of taking that kid into stores.  Fewer impulse buys and no whiny kids running off down the aisles.

That night was the best: after Eddie went down, we had Indian food delivered and we watched a movie while eating on the couch.  We never eat in front of the TV anymore because we don't want Eddie learning that bad habit.  So it's always such a treat for us...especially when it involved Indian food.

The original plan for Sunday was to use our Groupon to go to the zoo but with all that wind and poor Dave suffering with his allergies, we decided to do some more indoor stuff.  I gave Eddie and myself mani/pedicures while we watched a show.
And then I thought of the perfect place for us to visit: a bead store.  

About a month ago Eddie got to make a pipe cleaner and bead bracelet at Cassie's.  They were learning about patterns and had to place their beads in the same color order she did.  He was so proud of his bracelet that he wore it 24/7...until fell off too many times and the pipe cleaner wire snapped.  He was so sad.  So we took him to the bead store to make a more permanent/real/robust bracelet.  It was pretty awesome.  He was too young to be in there for long (it was a quiet place with annoying elevator music on), but we were the only customers for about 30 minutes, which was nice.  It was super awesome at the end because his other school teacher, Miss Amanda, randomly showed up!  He was so happy to see her.  =)

His bracelet turned out great.  We only helped him a little with his bead choice (mostly because he was choosing ridiculously HUGE beads that would never work on his adorable little wrist.  The lady working there was very patient with us and made sure to size it so it would rotate around but not fall off his hand.
Check out his cool bracelet!
So it was obviously a wonderful weekend: just our little family, a clean house, and a fun new accessory.  The only bad thing was the stupid wind.  Poor Dave was so miserable last night that he stayed home from work because he can hardly breathe.  Avoiding allergens: yet another reason we're looking forward to moving to the coast.
Our chickies like watermelon rind!


steph.kelley said...

Adorable kid, adorable bracelet. And a night of Indian takeout in front of the tube sounds heavenly (are we getting old or something?). :) xoxo

Mariah said...

what a lovely time with eddie! So much fun did you like the movie? I want to take the kids to see it