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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beekeeper's Apprentice

Look at that handsome man (I love his beard and the shape of his face)!

It is "swarm season" for bees right now and Dave's been busy many days capturing swarms with his dad. The local paper ran a half-page full of pictures of Dave and his dad working the bees. Dave was referred to as the "beekeeper's apprentice." He was quick to point out that most days he's only out there because he's the only one available to help. So a more accurate description would be "beekeeper's slave." (He does like working the bees, but after a full day of work the last thing he wants to do it get suited up for hours of more work in the sun and risk getting stung.)

I love this picture of Dave because it says so much about him: he works hard, even if he'd rather be doing something else he's always ready to help out when needed, and he has this amazing ability to get past the parts of a job he dislikes and finds pleasure in it (you can see his smirk in the picture).

I love him. Plain and simple. Except my feelings for him are anything but know.