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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Second Oven!

Last week after school I cleared out all the cabinets plus two pantries and un-wired the cabinet lights in the kitchen so Dave could rework the cabinets. It literally pained me to have all my stuff piled all over the dining and living rooms. I'm such a neat freak!

Pantry contents...think we have enough food stored away?
All my other displaced kitchen goodies:
The dining room restored (notice the gorgeous flowers Dave brought home for me):
This weekend we FINALLY finished the kitchen cabinet and oven installation. Originally the oven was going to be placed on the floor, but I realized that was a bad idea so poor Dave had to rearrange all the cabinets so we could install it properly (since it is a wall oven by design). I LOVE all the new storage (we basically tripled the cabinet space in our kitchen compared to when we moved in).

Two weekends ago:
Saturday (done!):
Dave did such a nice job on the cabinetry--he made shims so everything was level and he modified the bottom of two base cabinets for our HVAC system's return air vent that is in the floor beneath them. Because the oven is deeper than the base cabinets he also had to move out the pantries to line up with them. He was able to use the stock toe kick material from Lowe's to fill in the gap--you'd never know he did that because he did such a seamless job!

Since we ended up with an extra cabinet during the redesign, we decided to install it and a mini fridge in the dining room to hold all our beverage items (coffee pot, tea kettle, liquor). We bought most of that liquor for our 2007 New Year's party thinking our friends would make some drinks...but everyone drank wine and beer instead. Oh well, at least it keeps!Now we just need to get the Corian counter tops installed and we'll be totally done with this project...that has lasted since we first bought the house.


Mimi mouse said...

wow it looks great!

huntfamily said...

nice job, dave!

Tina said...

I'm impressed by Dave! Good Job! Looks great and glad you got it off the floor so you don't have to build a gate!