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Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Know You're Pregnant When...

...your feet hurt even when wearing your Dansko's...

I am truly in love with my Dansko clogs--all 3 pairs. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. My first pair was bought as heel and back pain relief two summers ago when I found myself standing at the stove during canning season for a good 8-10 hours every night after a full day of work/school. There is a reason professional chefs and doctors who have to stand all dang day wear Dansko's. They are amazing. Simple as that.

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I went to the mall and I bought 2 pairs of Dansko sandals for this summer. My aching feet are already complaining about the fetus/fluid/fat-weight I've put on (over 25 pounds so far...and I still have about 3 months to go...ugggg...).

I bought the red ones--wearing them now and they feet great--and I want to buy the brown ones. The brown ones are a little tight on my swollen feet so I didn't get them...but I might later this summer after I pop out this kid and slim down a bit. The other pair of sandals I bought are basically dressy black wedge heels that I plan on wearing to our friend's upcoming wedding. They were on clearance and I just couldn't pass them up.

In preparation for the summer heat we also found some cute jean shorts at Motherhood Maternity and a few cheap tanks. Then we had to buy me some new bras because I've outgrown even the earlier maternity ones I bought a few months ago.

Sigh...everything is getting bigger and bigger except my bank balance.


huntfamily said...'s just gonna get worse!

Elizabeth M said...

no fear on the weight gain. i got to 198lbs with both girls. as for the new bras, i am jealous b/c that was never a problem until after the kid came. enjoy it while it lasts b/c soon enough you will have only lost 15-20lbs after the kid and have to wear clothes that DON'T make you look at all pregnant so you aren't asked your due date.

Gehmlich's said...

That's funny, my wife is also a Dansko fanatic. She bought a pair while she was pregnant because she had to be on her feet all day teaching and it was killing her. It made all the difference. Of course she eventually gave up on standing and started teaching while sitting down... The day the school year was over and Andrea finished turning in grades to the school was same day Andrea's water broke (during the night). Jakob was born the next day.