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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exercise Ball?

Last week was my first "uggg...get outta my way because I'm a waddling and tired pregnant lady who will sit on you if you don't get out of my way" experiences. First, I was exhausted. Secondly, my body was having to adjust to my bigger belly. And thirdly I was worried about the baby's lack of movement.

It started on Tuesday morning when I woke up feeling like I'd gotten NO sleep whatsoever, like I'd gained 20 pounds overnight (I hadn't...I checked), and realized that I wasn't feeling little Eddie move much. Normally he's having a dance party after I eat in the afternoons and evenings but he just stopped wiggling. I rationalized that he'd just changed positions or his sleep schedule changed but it still worried me.

When my friend came into my lab that morning he exclaimed, "Whoa Julie! Last week you had a basketball under your shirt and now it is an exercise ball!" I think the baby must have shifted in my belly overnight because I was suddenly carrying him much more "outward" than before. And man-o-man my back and feet could tell the difference!

After two days of feeling not much more than a faint internal shift, I went to the doctor on Thursday morning to have them check his heartbeat just to ensure he wasn't stressed out or anything. They ended up doing a quick sonogram, too, and he sure was moving on the screen...even though I couldn't feel a thing. It was reassuring. (My mom was with me at the doctor's office and I think they offered to do the sonogram for her benefit. Not that she looked particularly worried, but I think they took pity on her because of her obvious cancer patient look. She clearly loved seeing her first grandbaby move in real time on the screen.)

The doctor told me it is normal for the baby's movements to disappear for weeks on end, depending on his position. I think that was supposed to reassure me, but it really just made me want to rent one of those hospital grade fetal dopplers so I can hear his heartbeat whenever I get worried.

Wouldn't you know it, not two hours after the appointment Eddie started moving a LOT more than usual. Instead of the benign bumps I was feeling before, he started all-out jabbing me with his bony little appendages! Even Dave was able to feel his mighty pokes yesterday--it feels like someone's knuckles are poking through my skin.

Here's my latest picture, taken today at 26 weeks and 6 days (along with my darling Ruby who insisted on sitting next to me during the picture):
And here's the progression thus far:

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You have the perfect pregnant belly