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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This past week has been mother's week for me. My mom decided to come up and spend the whole week with me. (She was also here last weekend so she basically just went home for chemo on Monday.)

It was nice having the company but I'm not used to going out to eat so often, much less being so active after school everyday. Since my mom wandered around town or just stayed home and read during the day, she was rearing to go when I got done with lab each evening. I was pretty worn out by then, but eating out and shopping with her was nice (especially since she did all the driving).

On Tuesday night we went to see Celtic Woman perform at the Memorial Auditorium with my Uncle Bill. (Take a look at this picture...can you believe they are twins?)
The concert was amazing! Since we sat so far away from the stage we couldn't see their faces at all. My uncle and I have seen their shows on PBS but my mom had no idea what they looked like. So on Wednesday she watched their Christmas concert that I have on DVD. It was amusing to be listening to holiday music at this time of year when I have all the windows open and fans blowing on us.

To celebrate Mother's Day this morning we took my mom to high tea service at Ciocolat--a scrumptious little dessert bar/cafe/bistro place downtown. My mom was in heaven with all the yummy foods and pretty china. They accommodated my pregnancy no-soft-cheeses-like-brie-and-no-luncheon-meats diet but I forgot to tell them that I also couldn't have chocolate. Luckily there weren't too many chocolately things on the menu and they did have decaf tea. Dave was being dorky and kept holding his pinky finger up in the air as he sipped his tea.

You can see my charming farmer's tan in this picture:
Isn't he so handsome? =)It is unbelievable that I will actually be a mother in a few short months. I'm excited...don't get me wrong...but it is just going to be so different. As we hopped out of the car in front of the restaurant this morning (okay, okay, I rolled out), I kept thinking about how for next year's Mother's Day if we decide to go to high tea again we'll have so much more stuff to bring along: the baby, his diaper bag, a hooter hider in case he gets hungry, a few toys, etc.

So here's us on our last Mother's Day before we become parents to a creature other than our beloved doggies:

Only 13 weeks left!

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Mimi mouse said...

getting so close! Happy mother's day to you!