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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I LOVED having Dave home for four whole days--we got to see a movie together and once Edward arrived they saw a movie together, too. I hate it when Dave has to leave but at least this is a short week so he'll be home in only 3 days.

We got so much done this weekend! I'm too tired to make this a wordy post and I really need to go take a shower before I crash so here's the rundown:

1. We got to hear our little parasite's hearbeat again on Friday at the doctor's office. We love that sound! I'm now at the point that I have to go in every 2-3 weeks instead of monthly. This pregnancy is flying by!

2. We bought a new fridge and snagged it for almost 20% off the regular price because of the holiday sales! It won't be here until next Saturday but we're really excited. It is a white, French door style with an ice maker so I don't have to mess with those lame ice trays anymore (we use a LOT of ice when it is hot for iced tea and lemonade...and I'm REALLY good at spilling the trays as I set them in our freezer).

3. We finished the kitchen cabinet and oven installation. Finally.

4. Edward arrived in California this past week so he could attend his friend Jeremy's wedding in Livermore. He spent a day with us before he left for a road trip with my mom and her friend up to the Oregon Caves. Since I have limited mobility now (i.e., it is really uncomfortable to bend over) he helped us dig trenches and lay PVC pipe for some sprinklers in the utility yard.
As younger brothers are wont to do to their older sisters, Edward is relentless in making fun of my big belly. He is constantly commenting on how fat I am these days. (This is Edward's way of being affectionate, believer it or not. Charming, I know.) But I know that he's excited for his little nephew, although certainly not as excited as Allison is! He was able to feel little Eddie kicking after I ate, which was really cool.

I can't wait until Edward comes back--this coming Friday we're planning on going to the lake in our little boat for swimming. The weight limit on the boat is only 600 pounds...hopefully we won't sink!
5. Speaking of swimming: I bought myself a maternity bathing suit this weekend. I could not stop laughing at myself in the Target fitting room. Choosing a maternity tankini (tanktop/bikini style bathing suit) is much like choosing a circus tent. I chose the least tent-like one I could find. I just know the boys are going to laugh at me when we're at the lake.

6. We bought a whole pallet of flagstones this morning at a landscaping supply place for our next undertaking: extending the front patio and laying new walkways in the front yard.

7. Ruby chewed on a roach bait station that I threw way underneath the shed this evening. I seriously have no idea how she even pulled it out from there since the only holes under the shed are in the cinder blocks...I guess it is the terrier in her.

I called the UC Davis small animal clinic's emergency hotline and the vet told me that she'll probably be fine since she only chewed on it and didn't actually consume it. I'll monitor her tonight to make sure her breathing, pooping, and general behavior doesn't change. So far she seems fine...she's snoozing behind me on the futon with Potatoes:

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huntfamily said...

kelsey went home for that wedding, too, and looks like we both had kids consuming unwanted objects this weekend