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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Changing Table: Phase 1

Check out the awesome changing table my dad is making for our hall bathroom! It is made of box tubing and is super sturdy. He designed it to work as an outdoor plant stand after Eddie is potty trained.

I bought the smallest changing pad I could find since our bathroom isn't that big (we can't accommodate a standard-sized changing table in there)--I got a partially inflatable kind from Ikea and he customized the top to fit it.

The top will be painted a sterile white color so we can tell when it needs to be cleaned (unlike dark wooden tables where poop can linger because you can't see it if it drips off the pad...yummy, I know). The base will have drawers and will be painted a cream color.

Most people have their changing tables in the baby's room, which I don't prefer because no matter what sort of fancy diaper pail you have the room always reeks of dirty diaper. I'd rather restrict stinkiness to the bathroom where it is expected and keep the nursery clean-smelling and inviting for nursing, playing, etc. No one wants to hang out in a foul-smelling room. Besides, with dogs in the house I figure having the changing table in bathroom will be more convenient since we can simply keep the bathroom door closed to prevent diaper-pail-diving. Can you imagine the insanity of having a poop covered dog dragging dirty diapers around the house and a screaming infant? No thanks. (I'm sure it'll happen at least once...)

Our plan is to use a Simple Human garbage can as a diaper pail for our soiled cloth diapers. We have one in the kitchen and even if you have rotten meat in the can you can't smell it unless you open the lid. They are pretty amazing. Ours is from about 5 years ago (purchased because they are dog-proof) and the pedal mechanism was oringinally made of plastic. It broke about 2 years ago and Dave just fixed it with a metal plate. We noticed that the newer one we bought for the bathroom now comes with a metal mechanism so it should last a good long time. I bought an XL sized water proof, washable diaper sack that can be washed right along with the diapers and I'm ordering enough cloth diapers/covers so I only have to wash them every other day.

Hopefully my cloth diapering dreams work out because we really can't afford disposables. Besides, I don't like the idea of my baby contributing 1000s of non-decomposable diapers to the the landfill.

Once the table is complete I'll post pictures of it. I'm sure it'll look fantastic!

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huntfamily said...

go you on cloth diapers. i have no interest in that AT ALL. just thinking about cleaning them makes me want to gag.