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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big Two-Eight

Happy birthday to me! Friday was my 28th birthday and lucky for me Dave and I got to go out to celebrate. Alone. Sans baby. Got to eat with BOTH hands and have REAL conversations that did not include phrases such as, "Can you eat a little faster so I can give you the baby so I can eat?" It was heavenly.

After school that day we played on the patio until it was time for Eddie's bedtime routine. He was out like a light by 8pm and our friends Brian and Melissa agreed to come hang out at the house while we went out for all-you-can-eat sushi (free on your birthday). Brian, bless his heart, came over at 8pm even though Melissa (who has all the baby-watching experience) couldn't get there until 8:30pm. We made sure to put Eddie in a disposable diaper just in case Brian had to change him. But Eddie's such a good boy and he didn't wake up so they didn't have to do anything (he's been sleeping through the night reliably since January so I wasn't worried).

After sushi we walked to Baskin Robbins to get me an ice cream cake ($3 off coupon and a free scoop when you join the birthday club!). Brian and Melissa stayed to enjoy the delicious mint chip cake with us. It was a great birthday!

Since 28 is a boring number and a boring birthday, all I could think to write on the cake was 7 times year will be cooler (okay, okay, dorkier) because 29 is a prime number!

My birthday present from Dave was a new kitchen faucet, which I've been wanting forever. There was nothing wrong with our old was just ghetto. And I wanted something a lot taller so washing big pots (like the canner) wouldn't be so difficult.

Eddie was such a good helper for Dave while he was working under the sink. (Am I a terrible mom for letting my 7 month old chew on a grubby metal wrench? Eh...)Before (nasty):After (beautiful):


Tina said...

That faucet is beautiful! So is Eddie and so are you!

huntfamily said...

uhnhhh.definitely DORKIER!! hahahhaha and i love your new faucet...funny the things that we want so bad as we get older!

erin said...

jealous! (of the sink AND the ice cream cake)