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Monday, March 22, 2010


There is an inverse relationship between my blogging frequency and how nice the weather is: less blogging happens when the weather is good. I spend all my time outside gardening or hanging clothes on the line when the weather is nice instead of sitting at the computer during Eddie's naps.

Of course, there is also a relationship between the weather and the number of pictures I take. Over the last week Eddie and I have spent nearly all of his wakeful hours outside on the patio and I've taken roughly a million pictures of him. But I can't post any right now...

My laptop's hard drive fried and during Dave's last attempt to recover some of the data last Friday, it completely died (won't even power up anymore). So I'm still using a temporary laptop, which has no pictures stored on it, and therefore can't even post an old picture for your viewing pleasure.

So stay tuned! I'll try to post some pictures tonight and put into words just how wonderful this past weekend was (I really wish it would never have ended).

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