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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuck in Reverse

Eddie is this close to crawling. Right now he can only push himself backward, which is frustrating for him but funny for us.

You never know what nook or cranny you'll find him wedged into when you come into the room after a brief absence. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I usually don't rescue him right away and instead I take a picture first. (He'll thank me someday.)


mu rye uh said...

LOL so true and once he gets it he will be so happy! He is so close!

Tina said...

HAHAHA!!!!!!! I love that you caught so many in pictures!

huntfamily said...

what are those things on his legs?

Team Roy said...

I am still giggling about those pictures as I type!

erin said...

hahaha i love the different scenarios! good thing youre taking pictures. this will make an awesome scrapbook page, or something or other someday.