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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Eddie's rump has had a minor rash that comes and goes for a while, probably due to friction (since he's so dang squirmy now). I am paranoid that it will get worse so I've been keeping him diaperless as much as possible. When we're inside the house I keep him in the kitchen (where there is linoleum) or on a waterproof mattress cover thing to soak up the inevitable pee. Cassie has also kept his tush uncovered when he plays outside at her house.

Fresh air really seems to work wonders (and probably just not having the diaper on there to rub on his skin helps, too). Lucky for us, the weather has been ah-mazing the last couple of weeks so we've hung out on the patio a lot.
It is clear that Eddie loves being nekid.

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mu rye uh said...

Man, I want to do that. For sure air is the best for bums! Sometimes Sammy's 'creases' around legs etc. Get moist so I do the baby powder thing and it helps too