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Monday, March 1, 2010


People always say that you take the most pictures of your first child. By the second, third, etc. you've seen it all so you take fewer and fewer.

Lord help us, I hope that's the case. Dave snapped THIRTY pictures of Eddie's first attempt at eating solids (and FIVE videos). We seriously don't have the harddrive space for the next child if we keep this up.

Here's the last picture of my little man as an exclusively breastfed boy:And here's him right after ingesting a few drops of cereal. Most ended up on his chin, hands, and bib:I was so excited to feed Eddie his first bite of cereal on his 6 month birthday. Since he's such a zealous nurser I wrongly assumed he'd gobble up "real" food. Not a chance. He's much too interested in playing with the spoon to bother with the caloric goodness.We've been giving him 2-3 chances a day to try eating over the past two weeks. So far he's only had cereal and peas. I think I'll try avocado tomorrow. He doesn't seem interested in eating...he doesn't usually swallow much of the food so I doubt he's making the connection that the solids will make him feel full just like milk does. Hopefully he'll figure it out soon because I'm having trouble pumping as much as he drinks at daycare. I was hoping he'd start eating to offset some of the milk deficit.

In the meantime we just enjoy our daily feeding practices as time spent together at the dining room table.


huntfamily said...

my goodness he is adorable...more and more with every picture i see! good luck with the feeding!

mu rye uh said...

LOL. I think the picture thing is true, not because you don't want too, you just don't have as much time to do it!

steph.kelley said...

Never ceases to be amazing how cute Eddie is. What a smile! He smiles nonstop! (Okay, as Mom you are saying Actually no he does stop to cry....!) My friends started their babes on butternut squash. But no cinnamon — one turned out to be allergic! ** Exciting moment to start solid foods — keep it up, Amazing Mama Julie! I miss you! xoxoxoxo

Team Roy said...

Avocado is a great starter food! I pureed everything in the blender (worked better than the food processor I found).