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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gmail Chat Last Night

8:29 PM David: hi love
me: Hi lover
8:30 PM David: good
David: how was your and biggest man's day?
me: we had a good day
he woke up at 550am
David: ack
me: so i nursed him in our bed and thankfully he fell back asleep
David: cool
me: but i expected him to wake up again soon since that's what he normally does
8:32 PM BUT instead I woke up at 7:23 because I realized we'd been in bed for a while
and i normally leave the house about 750 for cassie's....
AND to make our morning even MORE fun he overturned the water bowl in the kitchen
8:33 PM and it was EVERYWHERE
David: yeah not much time to get there
me: AND then he got into the pool right after i put him in his clothes
David: what a water boy angel
me: AND THEEEEEEEEEN before i could get out there he sat in the gravel so he was sooooooo dirty
David: ha
me: and i didn't want to get sand in the house so i changed him on the front porch (where his clothes and first diaper are still waiting to be cleaned up)
8:34 PM oy
he's so stinking cute
David: double yeah
me: the whole morning i was just laughing as i ran after him cleaning up messes
but we got to cassie's and she said he was tired and took a 3 hour nap
can't imagine why!
David: haha
8:35 PM yeah he did a good job
me: yeah
8:39 PM David: YEEEEAH
8:40 PM me: :):):)
Eddie's first word was "yeah," said with explicit enthusiasm...we did our best to write it the way he says it. It is so cute when he says it. I'll have to get it on video sometime and post it on the blog.


Team Roy said...

I feel like Kyle's and my conversations follow the same pattern. Me filling him in on daily happenings, Dad happily typing "yeah" and other proud dad comments back. Go Eddie! Glad his first word was "yeah" and not "no"!

kelly and eric said...

instead of just stalking and leaving i thought i'd let you know i've really enjoyed reading your blog!!!!!

The Bowers! said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the I know you? I can't tell from your blog. Either way, hope you're having a good day and enjoy your cutie little boy! (How'd you find my blog? Just curious...I always like to look at my friend's blogs to see who they follow and often check them out for myself.)

kelly and eric said...

Haha! No! You don't know me!!! :)

I followed a link you put up for cloth wipes on "Circle of Moms"! Hop that isn't weird!!!!

The Bowers! said...

Not weird at all. I hope you found my post helpful! I saw on your blog that you use cloth diapers, too. That's awesome!