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Monday, July 12, 2010

Model of Inefficiency

Arg. I hate things that are inefficient by design--it just sets people up for failure.

The library here at UCD recently switched their copy machine systems--to photocopy or scan books/articles you MUST use a copy card.

Not a big deal, right?

Q: How much does a copy card cost?
A: Fifty cent deposit for the actual plastic card.

Q:How do you buy the card?
A: With cash. Coins? Haha, NO. Only paper cash.

Q: Where is cash available on campus?
A: The only ATM machines are about a 10 minute walk away from the library. (Or as the librarian suggested, go buy a cup of coffee, get cash back, and then come buy the copy card. Except, remember, you can't bring that paper cup of coffee back into the library to enjoy while you read the articles you just copied!!!!)

A: Now that I have paper cash, where do I buy the copy card?
Q:Only downstairs on the main floor.

Q: Okay, FINE. I got my cash loaded onto my copy card and I made my copies. Where's the stapler so I can wrangle my mess of papers? There used to be one chained to every copier in the library...
A: Only downstairs on the main floor.

Q:...What about a pencil sharpener so I can poke my eyes out with some graphite out of pure frustration (and exhaustion from running around the entire freaking campus just to make a stupid copy).
A: Oh, most of those have been removed, too. It seemed like everyone has started using iPhones, iPads, and mechanical pencils and the janitor didn't like having to empty the shavings canister so we got rid of them.

Isn't this place full of Ph.D.'s??? Who decided this was a good idea? (Probably some administrative assistant down at ReproGraphics whose job security is based on shuffling papers and doing meaningless, inefficient tasks like running around making copies at the library...okay, probably not.)


No one carries cash anymore. At least no one in their early-mid twenties. I bet if you ask the students coming into the library if they have paper money in their wallets right then, 90% of them would say no. It is just the way young people live.

So why in God's name doesn't the library at least allow poeple to charge up their copy cards with a credit or debit card?????? I asked the reference librarian today and he said, "I don't know, it is complete bull shit if you ask me." Well said, my friend, well said. Bull shit. It was especially hilarious because this guy is probably early fifties and looks exactly like you'd expect a university librarian to: thick glasses, shirt buttoned tightly up against his neck, very modest.

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mu rye uh said...

OH Dear!!! So true about the cash situation and I have had to register somewhere before and I had to give a cell phone number. I don't have one so I eventually doled out my husbands work phone...weirdies