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Friday, July 23, 2010

Say Cheese!

This afternoon while I was at school, I got a text from Dave that seriously made me teary-eyed. One of those oh-my-god-my-precious-baby-angel-darling-boy is growing up TOO FAST things.

He said while he was changing Eddie's diaper after his long morning nap, Eddie was babbling and saying "YEEEAH!" a lot. Dave would respond with his own "yeah? yeah!" Then Eddie looks at him and says "CHEEssss" (chee and then the "s" sound instead of the "z" sound as in cheese). Dave asked him if he wanted some cheese and Eddie responded, "Yeah!" So Dave got him a stick of string cheese and our little guy gobbled it up. Like most kids, Eddie goes through phases where he'll readily eat something and by the next meal he's over it and shoves it away. Lately he's done that with cheese. For the longest time he was pretty into it. Then last week he was suddenly not interested.

So the fact that he said "cheese" and then gobbled up a whole piece makes us think he was actually saying "cheese."
So cute, right?

For the last 2 weeks he's also been saying something resembling "thank you" whenever he puts something in your hand and then takes it back. It sounds like "teeyou." Again, sooooooooooo cute.

I cannot believe my child is already speaking...I still can't believe I ever got pregnant in the first place.


Kait said...

:) i LOVE when they stat talking!!! we've had a few of those moments this week with new words and it totally melts my heart every time. can't wait to hear him!

Kelly said...

So cute :D You have to tell him to stop growing up so fast!! I tell Renee that all the time, although she never listens.