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Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing with the Webcam

A few weeks ago I *finally* got my laptop back from Acer (the hard drive had fried and the webcam cable was bad, too). It arrived during lunch and I played with the camera while Eddie ate.

Picture 1, "I want to touch that computer and get my sticky, yogurty hands all over the keyboard! Gimme!"
Picture 2, "Mama, why are you smiling at the screen? You usually only smile like that at me..."
Picture 3, "Oh, you want ME to smile at the screen, too. I get comes a grin!"
He's so dang cute! I love how his expression changes during the sequence.

(I have no explanation for why my dangling hair looks so thin and cancer patient-y. The top half must have been up in a clip or something...or maybe some of it escaped from where it was tucked behind my left ear. Either way, ew.)


Team Roy said...

Lord, he is so cute! Thank God you carried him for 9months - otherwise I wouldn't believe you were his mom. He is ALL your husband.

The Bowers! said...

I know Leah. Kristin Satow came over a few weeks ago and I was standing in the driveway with Eddie on my hip when she pulled up. She got out and said, "Jules, it looks like you're holding someone else's baby! He doesn't look like you at all!"

Dave and I say that he looks like Dave but act like me (always busy!).

mu rye uh said...

haha!I didn't even think about the cancer patient thing. ANd he is so cute and yes your husband has the dominant genes for sure

erin said...

actually, i was more focused on eddie's cute face and would have NEVER noticed your hair had you not mentioned it!