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Monday, July 26, 2010

Gmail Chat with Uncle Edward

Here's my conversation with Edward this morning (and for those who don't know my weird antics, Ruby is my dog and yes, we refer to our dogs as Eddie's brother and sister...if you are a dog person you will understand this and if you aren't you should watch Marley and Me so you'll understand):

8:42 AM
Edward: how's eddie?
8:43 AM me: DUDE
he says "sister"
it is soooooooooooooooo flipping cute
8:44 AM Edward: like for ruby?
me: i got it on video last night at dinner while he was feeding her some zucchini
Edward: hahahaha
me: he doesn't say brother yet
even tho he knows the "b" sounds
but i think that's because ruby is always in his face
Edward: that is doubly funny because he was feeding a dog zucchini and I'm sure she was loving it
me: haha
he'll only eat it if it is on HIS fork so he can feed HIMSELF
8:45 AM but if you give him a whole pluot, plum, or apricot he'll eat it himself and spit out the pit
he chews on apples but he can't bit anything off yet
Edward: wow
he is the man
me: he's sooooooooooooooooooooooo flipping cute
i can't stand it sometimes!
Edward: haha
he so totally rocks dude
that's from finding nemo
me: you're gonna die when you see him next
8:46 AM he loves to grab your hand and turn it over so it is palm up
then he'll put stuff in your hand
like a rock or whatever he's holding
he says teeyou
and then takes it back and again says teeyou
teeyou = thank you and your're welcome (apparently)
8:47 AM Edward: haha
he was taking giving and taking stuff when I was there
and I'd say thank you every time
me: yeah
but now he's adamant that you have your hand open
Edward: I can't wait to hear teeyou
me: and if you don't he'll do it for you
AND he's pretty good at aiming his fork at food on his tray
and he'll try to load the fork
8:48 AM sometimes we have to help him get it on the tines
he spent most of the time at home depot on saturday removing/replacing a straw from our costco soda cup into/out of the plastic lid hole
(I put my thumb in it to make the hole bigger)

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