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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almost 12 Inches!

Wow, my belly has almost hit the 12 inch mark on the Belly Chart. (Of course, the rest of my body is covering a good portion of those inches regardless.)

I wonder just how far out my belly will be by my due date?

I can pretty much expect my feet to feel swollen for at least some portion of every day. The books all say to drink more water to avoid swelling (seems counter intuitive) and I'm really trying to chug down as much as possible. Other than that things are great! I can feel Eddie move all over my belly--sometimes at the top and the bottom at the same time.


Mimi mouse said...

Hehe! It is amazing how the body can stretch with a growing baby-the swollen feet stink and ya the water thing I don't think it helped me, but it is good to stay hydrated

huntfamily said...

Love your belly...and so much fun that you can feel him moving all over! Not sure about the swollen feet thing...nothing helps me except for giving birth.