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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Belly Shot: 30 Weeks

I've surpassed the 12 inch mark and am nearly at 13!
I found out yesterday that I've been denied life insurance because of my tachycardia (rapid heart rate episode back in February) being "worsened by pregnancy." I'm not sure that's totally accurate since it didn't even happen until the pregnancy, but whatever. I don't make the rules. Once the baby is delivered I can have an ablation procedure done to scar the tissue in my heart where the "bad" neural pathway is located. That should take care of the problem forever, in which case USAA will let me apply for life insurance again. So that's the good news.

Other good news about insurance: Dave called his employer-sponsored insurance provider and they said that the baby is fully covered under his policy for the first 31 days of life. And then we have within the first 30 days of his life to sign him up on Dave's plan if we want to. Even though it is SUPER expensive we might still do that for his second month so I can have some time to recover and regain my bearings before having to wade through the Kaiser application process. But we'll see. Three hundred dollars is enough money that it will probably act as an incentive to get off my butt and sign him up for Kaiser sooner rather than later.


Tina said...

I can hardly believe you still have 60 days left! You should take some pretty pregnant momma photos.

Glad to hear Dave's insurance covers the baby. The life insurance thing doesn't seem to make sense!!! BOOOO on insurance companies!

Mimi mouse said...

sounds like good news?