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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flagstone Porch: Part Two

This was SUCH a good weekend!

First, I finally got the sod laid in the utility yard (it is the designated dog potty zone) while Dave had lunch with his old Big Four Accounting Firm friends.

Second, our college friends, Kaitlyn and Brady, came over for dinner on Friday night.

Third, my friend Justin came to stay with us on Friday night and Saturday. I haven't seen him in what seems like forever and hanging out with him was tons of fun. He even offered to help us lay the flagstones on the porch! It was great to have his help, since my belly really gets in the way when I try to bend over.

They started by filling the wooden frame with sand, then Dave tamped it down with my dad's new vibrating plate compactor. I included this picture so you can see just how ridiculous I look in my work clothes. My shirt almost doesn't cover my belly anymore.
Then they set to work playing "flagstone tetris," trying to find the best layout of stones and filling in the gaps with smaller pieces.

"Hmmm...where does this one fit?"
After pizza for lunch, I helped them level all the stones (it was pretty tedious) by lifting each one and adding/removing sand. Then we swept sand between all the stones and then watered it so the sand would settled and compact a bit more.

I think it looks SO good! The stones are wet in this picture...

I can't wait until we have the flagstone paths leading from the porch to the driveway and the side yard done...of course, I wanted to get those paths done this weekend but ended up rototilling the giant front garden bed instead. I also used the tiller to remove the remaining lawn where the paths will go. I'm going to plant something between the stones (probably creeping thyme or moss) and don't want the grass to grow there anymore.

People have really started to stare at me when the walk or ride their bikes by our house...I guess they aren't used to seeing a 6 month pregnant lady tilling and shoveling! =)


Mimi mouse said...

Oh my goodness I am always so impressed at all the work and renovation you guys! Always looks fantastic!

steph.kelley said...

I have to admit, I giggle at the mental image of you bouncing along with a rototiller, showing those neighbors how it's done -- pregnant or not! Go Julie!