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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Middle School

Last night my brother drove me to the mall so I could buy a dress for my party using my babysitting money.

How "middle school" was that sentence?!

Lame, but true.

Our baby shower is this Saturday and seeing as the only maternity clothes I own are jeans, jean shorts, tank tops and t-shirts, I headed to the mall to buy a dress. I'm casual by nature, but all baby showers I've ever been to have justified slightly dressy clothes.

I bought this dress because it was the only one in the store that didn't have an empire-waist sash. Those sashes may look good on some pregnant people, but it just made my very prominent belly look even more like a circus tent than my bathing suit does. I definitely carry this baby directly out in front of me.

Unfortunately, the shoes I wanted to wear with it don't fit my fat feet anymore. Hopefully I can wear them after I birth this baby. I've never had a chance to wear them yet!

I was supposed to meet Edward back at the Game Stop store where he was looking at the video games. But when I got there, he was no where to be seen. Having left my phone in the truck (I didn't have a purse with me since he picked me up from school and carrying my hot pink backpack around the mall is just too middle school), I had to use a pay phone to call him. Those are few and far between in malls these days!

I dialed his number and it said "please deposit $1.10 for 3 minutes." Holy crap! I had no choice, so I started dropping my quarters in. Something was wrong with the phone and the money would just pop back out into the tray. But the phone still thought I'd deposited the money! So I just redeposited the same 2 coins until it was satisfied and made my call. How weird.

It turns out Edward left Game Stop because the salespeople were hounding him to buy stuff. He kept telling them that he was just looking but they were so insistent that he finally just left and went to Sear's to check out their (crappy) patio furniture.

After the mall we went to Lowe's and bought some nice wrought iron patio furnishings (2 small square tables and 6 chairs) and a neato fire pit. I was super excited to invite friends over next week so we could make s'mores over the fire...but then I realized that I can't eat chocolate. Boo. At least everyone else can. I'll be just fine eating toasted marshmallows.

When we got home we put on Greenday's Dookie album (again, so middle school) and assembled the furniture. It look me longer to take all the packaging off the presassembled chairs than it did for him to bolt the tables together. Around 10pm we finally went inside and I made dinner (pan-fried salmon and baked lemon pasta from The Pioneer Woman website). It was soooooooo good. And then we promptly went to bed.


huntfamily said...

Enjoy your shower...the dress is cute. :) And what fire pit did you get? I really want to get a fire bowl for s'mores but I'm too cheap so I keep looking on ksl (utah's own craigslist)

Tina said...

Cute Dress. I don't think empire waists look good on anybody, pregnant or not. The only people I think they look good on are skinny stick girls with no actually waist shape. Anyways.

Hot Pink Backpack? Is it a mini one?

Mimi mouse said...

I love that dress