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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Short Years

Wow...Dave and I have been married now for 3 years. Crazy. Part of me feels like we've been married for much, much longer but another part of me feels like it has just flown by--like our wedding celebration was yesterday.
Three years ago I never imagined:

1. That I'd be 7+ months pregnant with our first child (we had agreed to wait until I was done with school),
2. That Dave would be working in Gualala full time/permanent basis and living away from me,
3. That we'd be homeowners who were *almost* done getting the house the way we wanted it,
4. That my mom would be fighting stage 4 cancer,
5. That I would have a heart problem that landed me in the hospital...or
6. That I could be this happy despite those issues!

Life is great as long as you ignore the small, stupid stuff and focus on the "big picture" of overall happiness and your life goals being fulfilled (which means you can't be lazy and expect things to just happen for gotta work for them!).


Tina said...

AWH! Time really has flown by! You never can predict how life will turn out but as long as your happy thru all the good and bad, that's what matters!

Too many many many many more years of happiness for you and Dave!

erin said...

i like this post agree with your last statement. definitely just gotta look at the big picture and see how good you really have it.