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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Julie + Dogs + Thunder = Awake at 4AM

California is experiencing a random, not-so-normal thunder storm right now. The worst of it has passed over Davis already. Around 1am I awoke to bright flashes of lightening and a shaking dog jammed up next to me (Ruby). Knowing it would likely mean rain, I got up and closed all the windows, turned off the box fans we have hanging in each window, and took the doggie door out of the sliding glass door track. I put Ruby back into the bed, right next to me and pet her until I fell asleep. Then the thunder started around 3:40am. Ruby was gone and I found her hiding in the closet--poor baby girl. The noise was REALLY loud and there was no way for me to fall back asleep. Not to mention that Potatoes was now jammed up against me in the bed.

I stood on the front porch for a while staring at the pouring down rain--the smell of rain on soil is one of my favorite things.

Then I realized I was starving so I made a snack.

Now that I'm wide awake an hour later (thunder is gone) I thought I'd post some pictures of my darling fur babies for your viewing pleasure. =)

Potatoes resting his big head on my belly:
Ruby, my weird baby girl who never fails to make me laugh:


Tina said...

Oh I love that smell!!! I especially love it in the desert environment. Poor puppies!

Rob said...

Ruby looks positively vicious!!

steph.kelley said...

Awww! Adorable pics. Mean scary thunder! Xoxo