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Monday, June 22, 2009

33 Weeks

I just had to take a screen shot of the baby ticker is hilarious!

My hands and feet feel like over-stuffed sausages today. I've found that I'm most swollen after a long weekend of physical labor. And this weekend was no different. I helped dig and shovel in the front yard for the new flagstone paths, set up some more irrigation, hauled TONS of pea gravel to the back yard in the wheelbarrow, etc. Edward and I are hoping to get about 5 flagstones installed each day after I get home from school. That way Dave won't have to help much on Friday (he really wants to reorganize the garage instead). And this weekend we'll all be in Livermore for our baby shower so we won't have a chance to work on the house much. The good news is that the work on the house is nearing completion! Our Pre-Baby To Do List is pretty much complete. Yippee! (I admit, though, that I have added a few things to it...but even those are almost done.)

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huntfamily said...

have fun at the shower! hope you get lots of fun things. :)