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Sunday, July 12, 2009

36 Weeks

Little Eddie could come as early as a week from today and be considered "on time." Crazy.

Last week my belly was protruding to about the 13" mark and this week it is only a little bigger.

~36 weeks:
I know my weight gain has slowed because between my last doctor's appointments (which were two weeks apart) I'd only gained 1 pound. So maybe I won't be getting much's hoping!

My feet have gotten used to being swollen and fat, so now my hands are taking the toll. Every morning when I wake up, my fingers really hurt and are feel quite swollen. (I've always had pudgy fingers so it isn't totally obvious that they are swollen.) I have to make sure to fall asleep with my wrists in a straight position (as opposed to curled up under my chin or something) or I'll really pay for it the next morning.

The middle finger knuckle on my left hand is particularly feels like what I imagine arthritis would feel like. Luckily the pain goes away after I've been up for a while...but then the tips of my fingers on my right hand go numb and get all tingly. It is very annoying, especially while trying to do something (like cooking or writing thank you notes for baby shower gifts) that requires feeling in my hands!

The doctor said it is normal since water retention can occur around the tendons in my hands and arms. He suggested that I buy a bowler's wristlet thing to wear while I'm sleeping. I wore one on each hand last night but it almost made my left hand feel worse. Hopefully it'll work tonight. (To be honest, I'm not sure I wore it correctly...I think I'll reverse it tonight and see if that helps.) I'm not sure how much more of this I can take...and I still have another 1-6 weeks of being pregnant!

(I'm sure you're all thinking, "why don't you just not do anything and relax so your hands don't hurt?" Well, I'm one of those people who has to constantly be doing something...lest I go stir-crazy. So that's not an option. And yes, I realize I'll need to just relax and sleep as much as possible when Eddie comes to recover from the birth. During our last birthing class the teacher urged us moms-to-be to take at least the first two weeks and just stay in bed with the baby as much as possible, even though we'll have a "high" from the birth and want to get a bunch of stuf done. Dave turned and just stared at me--like he was trying to emblazon her words on me. It made me laugh, but I know she's right. But until then...)

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Elizabeth M said...

The day we brought Maddie home, my mom and I went out to buy nursing bras and the day I came home w/ Reagan, Maddie and I headed to the grocery store. You sometimes have to get out of the house, but when the baby naps you should nap. I showered when G was home or put her in her carseat and had her hang out w/ me in the bathroom. I am just saying you should do what you feel best doing. Just please don't go jogging or start doing sit-ups, push-ups, etc. That would def. be too much :-)