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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to Build a Patio in Expansive Soil: Part IV

Wednesday, 6/17: The boys (Dave and Edward...Daddy had gone home the night before) finished laying all the pavers that didn't require cutting and did a bunch of small things around the house for me while I was at school. They kept the dogs out of the yard so they wouldn't run all over the nice smooth sand base. Annoyed that they couldn't be with their humans, they sat next to the gate (with a freshly made concrete "Nose guard" under it protected from their paws by plastic) and cried.The boys played video games during the heat of the day until we met up for dinner. We all ate sooooooooo much delicious Indian food at buffet and just had to sleep it off with a long afternoon nap. =)

Thursday, 6/18: Dave and Edward rented a brick saw (25% off for week-day rentals!) so they could install the pavers around all the post bases (which have beveled edges) and along the wood edging.
Doesn't that look so nice? They do such good work.
Unfortunately, we didn't stake/secure the wood edging before tamping in the aggregate base so some of the wood bulged a little, making it so each paver had to be cut to size. Next time we build a patio like this we'll definitely avoid that problem.

Potatoes is such a good helper for his Uncle Edward:

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