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Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is Why I Have Two Ovens

I made 7 loaves (5 batches) of zucchini bread last night. Over the last two weeks, Dave has brought me lots of little green and yellow zucchini squash from our garden that we planted on Easter at his parents' house. His mom loves snap peas and zucchini so we planted LOTS for her. She wanted two rows of zucchini--one yellow and one green. So now there are more fruits than anyone knows what to do with.

I've pawned three loaves off on my mom (who is here with me for a few days) to take home for herself and for a neighbor. The other pre-sliced and bagged loaves will remain in our freezer as part of the "post baby food stash."

I could have actually used a third oven since I could only fit 2 loaf pans in each oven at a time...but that's a little insane. =)

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huntfamily said...

seriously....sit down or you're going to go into early labor!