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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby Shower!

This past Saturday was our baby shower. For a while we weren't sure if there would even be a shower anymore since Allison broke up with my brother out of the blue (she was the original hostess). But then my friend Jessica offered to take over the shower.

I don't know how she did it, but Jessica was able to throw that shower together in under 3 weeks. It was amazing! The decorations were adorable, the cake was super yummy, and her games were fun! She even made the invitations and the favors herself. I think if the whole "being a professor while getting a PhD in epidemiology at the same time" thing doesn't work out, Jessica could be a professional wedding or party planner.

The most amazing thing is that she was able to deal with my mom's craziness (my mom was in charge of choosing, ordering, and buying all the food...a job she took very seriously). It was hard to tell if my mom was having a good time at the shower because she was constantly running around making sure the food was okay and everything. She even missed me opening up a bunch of the gifts because she took all the food down to the kitchen to put into the fridge.

Like all my girlfriends, Jessica took charge of Edward and made him help out. I don't know why I always get a kick out of this, but all my girlfriends do this to him. He totally loves it, you can tell. Edward met Jessica and John (her husband, my friend from school) at the church where the party was held and helped with the set-up and clean-up of the party.

She wouldn't allow Dave or me to help at all with anything. A few minutes before the party was supposed to start we tried to walk into the room...but she spied us and yelled in her Southern accent, "Now y'all cain't come eeeen here yet. Now go awn, git out!" Hahaha.

The best game was having the guests play bingo while we opened gifts. They had to keep track of what we received for their cards. It was nice since they didn't just sit there and stare at us opening presents (which is what happens at most parties).
We received TONS of useful, cute stuff. Among my favorite non-registry surprises were a onesie that says "Ask me about my compost pile" and a book of baby food recipes (which are kind of roasted red bell pepper with goat cheese puree...YUM).
Jessica also had everyone draw a picture of what they think Eddie will look like. And then we got to choose the best drawing. I chose Prav's because it looked just like Dave (meaning that it was wearing suspenders, holding a computer and a stapler, and had a beard). They were all pretty funny!


Mimi mouse said...

I love love love parties! What they hey Allison? but great party by your friend

huntfamily said...

sounds like it was a great party. and love the dress!

The Schwind Family said...

I don't sound like that! haha. I'm glad you loved it! I had so much fun planning it... maybe I should drop out of school and do this for a living?!?! lol.

steph.kelley said...

Yay, what fun! Sorry to have missed out. Love the pics and game ideas. xo