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Monday, July 27, 2009

T-Minus a Fortnight: 38 Weeks

Nothing new has changed on the pregnancy front: I'm still not showing any signs of imminent labor. As you can see from my latest picture (taken tonight since we forgot to do it yesterday), I look basically the same as a week ago.We had a very busy last week since Edward's friend was visiting. In another post I'll show pictures of our trip to Yosemite and then my and Dave's "babymoon" trip to Reno last weekend.

This week Edward is home with me and we have plans to watch some cheesy movies, cook some dishes we've been wanting to try, hanging pictures in the nursery, finishing up a few minor garden tasks, and perhaps going to a baseball game. So it should be pretty relaxed...but we'll see.

My nesting fervor is kicking into high gear lately: just this morning while getting into the shower I decided to clean the shower doors with some new cleaner I bought. So my "quick" shower ended up lasting 20 minutes while I scrubbed the water scale off the door before doing my regular shower routine.

I bought leather seat cleaner for my car and oil soap to clean my kitchen cabinets. Why I suddenly find it necessary to clean these things is beyond me...but I guess that's what nesting always comes down to.

And I had my first Child/Infant CPR class tonight at the local baby store. Because I'm so pregnant they let me put my maniquin kid on a small table so I wouldn't have to kneel on the floor. Even with the assistance of the table, it was still hard to do the chest compressions since my fingers are supposed to be woventogether and mine are so swollen that I could hardly do it. Haha.

I just have to say that I have the best guys in my life: as I write this post, Edward is behind me in his bed, reading through the "Comfort Measures" chapter I photocopied out of The Birth Partner in preparation for him supporting me during labor. (Although now asleep, Dave likely read some of that chapter tonight, too.) Our original plan was to hire a doula but now that Edward is here we decided we'd be more comfortable having him be our secondary support person. He and Dave will make a great team for me: Dave will cater to my emotional needs ("I'm so proud of you, baby...I know you can do it") and Edward will cater to my logical side ("Of course you can do're engineered to give birth!"). Some people might be grossed out at the thought of their brother being present when they give birth. But really people, it is just a body. And as my dad always says: "If you weren't in it, someone else would be."


Mimi mouse said...

wow-nesting mode. You are already an active person so i can only imagine. Ha ha ha all the men in my family would have passed out besides Kalon if they were in a delivery room. They are all 'whoozy'

Tina said...

I can't believe its soooo close! :)

huntfamily said...

yeah not so sure i would want any of my brothers'll be great birth control for edward! i can't believe how fast your pregnancy has flown by! and you look grrrrrrrrrrreat!