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Monday, July 20, 2009

37 Weeks

Today marks my 37th week and here's the picture--from yesterday--to prove it:
As of my Friday appointment last week, I have not gained any weight in the last 3 weeks and I'm not dilated at all yet.

This was another crazy weekend of a lot of hard work. Well, the work wasn't all that hard but it was about 103F all weekend so pretty much anything other than sitting under the AC vent was hard work.

On Friday Dave set up a painting tent in the yard and he sprayed the first coat of primer onto the steel posts he and my dad made for our shade structure. He also primed the changing table base my dad made for us:
Then on Saturday my mom and I went to her friend's house for another baby shower--for me! All my "aunties" were there (my mom's group of close friends from grade school) and they gave me so many wonderful gifts--tons of clothes, a few beautiful handmade blankets, and lots of board books. Since I don't know all of the ladies that well, one lady offered to take a picture of each gift giver holding her gift to me...that way I can remember who is who and who gave me what item. What great idea!Right when we got home I changed into my grubby clothes and helped Dave with the painting. I didn't actually do any of the painting but I had to be on hand to help him carry the super heavy (and long) pieces back and forth. In between I was able to prime the changing table top and do a bunch of laundry. My mom occupied herself for a few hours by going through every single gift bag from the shower and making a SUPER detailed list of everything.

On Sunday my father-in-law, John, flew down to Davis in his friend's small plane and stayed with us through today.

Dave applied the second coat of paint--we used Dark Taupe oil based Rustoleum...what a great color. Here are the posts drying on the trailer inside the garage: Dave also made these beautiful redwood boards to hang on the wall for a row of hooks. Isn't it amazing what a router, sander, varnish, and a handsome guy can do to a regular ole piece of redwood 2x6?
While Dave's dad took his contractor's license test and then they went to a meeting in Sacramento, I drove my brother and his friend, Cara, to a BART station in the east bay so they could tour around San Francisco. Then I continued on to Livermore and had lunch with my dad. Did you know that it is REALLY hard to eat with chopsticks when most of your fingers are numb? For some reason it didn't even occur to me until I'd finish to have asked for a fork.

Then I scooted back to Davis so I could make John some fried catfish and pesto pasta for his special dinner--today is his birthday. We celebrated with a chocolate cake. (I look gross in this picture and his face is blurry...but it is the only picture we have.)Although I'm still not supposed to eat chocolate, lest the caffeine mess spark another tachycardia, I did allow myself to eat a very, very small sliver of it. And it was so, so worth it. Gosh, I can't wait to eat chocolate (and wine and beer and sushi and coffee and rare steak and soft cheeses like brie) again.

Whew...I'm super tired tonight from all that driving today. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Livermore to eat with my family and then Edward, Cara, and I will drive to Yosemite so we can go on a tour all day Wednesday while my mom graciously stays with the dogs in Davis.

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huntfamily said...

i love your little belly! you look absolutely faboulous! i cant wait to see eddie!