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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Border Collies

Davis is such a dog-loving community. Almost everyone we know has a dog and the city has several dog parks. The best one is called Toad Hallow and it is about 2 acres of grass and trees. We love taking our dogs there because there is plenty of room for them to chase after the frisbee or tennis ball. Plus, there are always tons of cute dogs to pet and really nice people to talk to.

I've given up trying to walk all three dogs at once since Emmy is an intense puller (even with her "gentle leader" thing on). And I feel too guilty walking only one or two at a time--whoever has to stay home barks and cries. So I usually just take them to the dog park in the evenings or wait until it is really late (like 11pm so we don't bother anyone) and take them to the park next to our house for some ball-throwing.

Emmy, Potatoes, Ruby, and their border collie friend at the park, Baxter:I'm not sure of the logistics of taking my two dogs and a baby to the dog park in the coming months. Walking even two dogs while pushing a stroller seems tricky...and when the dogs are herders it seems like it'll be a tangled mess. Ruby, being a "Mama's girl" and a border collie, always walks in a crescent around me on walks. This herding behavior is innate so there's really no point fighting it. My arms get a good work out on our walks because I'm constantly moving the leash back and forth between my hands so I don't get tangled up. So how am I supposed to do that with a stroller? I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes...otherwise I'll have to put Eddie in a carrier or Kelty pack we bought (talk about an upper body work out!).

Anyway...Emmy is getting along with other dogs so well these days. She is very dominant and wasn't used to being around other dogs at all when Edward first adopted her. Although she still nips Ruby on occasion, generally they get along very well. There are definitely no more fights that I have to worry about.

Ruby and Emmy snoozing together on the futon:My dogs are adjusting quite well to having their cousin in the house. They love to run along the fence monitoring all the people going to/from the park ("border" patrol...get it?) and follow me around the house. Ruby is such a "Mama's girl" so she is acting a little more possessive of me and my stuff now that someone else is in the house. I caught her laying on top of my stinky shoes the other day and it made me laugh so much! I know dogs love anything that smells like their dirty clothes...but shoes? That doesn't even look comfortable.
Since Potatoes is the most relaxed and submissive dog ever, he's not phased at all with Emmy around...except that you can tell how much he loves her.

Seriously, who wouldn't love this little pup?

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