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Monday, July 13, 2009

Losing My Mind

Last night I went to the grocery store and bought, among other things, a dozen eggs. I only had two left in the fridge at home. (So that would be a total of 14 eggs...right?)

I hard-boiled 8 of them this morning and ate another 2 for breakfast after that. (So that would be a new total of 10 eggs...right?) I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened to the other 4 eggs.

All day today I've been stepping through what I did last night after I came home from the store (went to the dog park, made mozzarella cheese, watched Wild Pacific on Discovery, ate my fresh cheese on toast with pesto and tomato, chatted online with my brother...none of these things require 4 eggs!).

I've sort of convinced myself that someone either came into my house while I was at the dog park and took 4 of my eggs or that I'm simply losing my mind and misplaced 4 eggs (but where? And more importantly, how?). The fact that I'm even considering the idea of someone stealing eggs from my locked house is proof that I am, in fact, losing my mind.

Being scatterbrained and forgetful is just a side effect of pregnancy, right? And it'll all go away once I birth this little guy, right? Right??


Mimi mouse said...

hehe yes, but after you are able to get at least 2 months of undisturbed sleep

huntfamily said...

uh..yes, thats right. NOT. it gets worse...much worse!