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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was my first day as not only a mom but also a babysitter. I had Heidi from about 12:30-5:30pm and then Anthony from 4pm-8:20pm. Whew. I'm freaking exhausted.

Heidi is super tiny for her age (she's basically Eddie's age plus or minus a day or two) and like Eddie, is used to being held all day. She doesn't know how to hold onto toys like Eddie does so keeping her entertained while not holding her was challenging. There were periods when she and Eddie were both crying because they weren't getting what they wanted from me (undivided one-on-one attention). Luckily she fell asleep in the swing for a couple of hours and at one point Eddie was also asleep in his crib. I'm sure it'll get better from here on out as she and Eddie both learn to be a little more independent (and mature).

I was worried about having Anthony here in the midst of all this but he was the easiest part! He is 8 months old, can crawl, actively plays with toys, and is learning to pull himself up on things. Lucky for me his is independent enough to largely entertain himself. I still need to calibrate myself on how much he eats. His mom left me a jar of food "just in case," crackers, and formula. He sucked down a bottle and then ate a bunch of crackers. I didn't offer him the jar of food because I got the impression that he didn't necessarily need it. When I offered him more crackers toward the end of his stay he didn't seem interested. Then when his mom got here and I told her how much he ate she said "aw, he's so hungry! Yeah, he eats a lot." That made me feel guilty. Next time I'll find out more specifically how often and how much he should eat (I will be providing food and formula for him from here on out).

In the middle of all this today, I got an email from our nanny (Laura) saying that she has to quit!!!!!!!! CRAP! Apparently her grandfather is really sick and she needs to move to New Mexico to take care of him. At least that's what she said. So I scrambled to email all the other applicants that we didn't even interview and made arrangements to visit an in-home daycare tomorrow morning (when I'm supposed to be at school). Luckily Laura can watch him through next week and she even arranged to have her friend take over for her from 8-2 every day. I haven't met her friend yet but I'm still stuck finding someone else at least for the afternoon.

Today could have gone a lot worse...but it was still a hard day all things considered.


huntfamily said...

you're amazing. no way would i be able to handle that.

mu rye uh said...

agh! When you get through this mess I hope you realize you were a superwoman even if you are stressed out during it. And I always believe in great karma good things do happen and will soon.

steph.kelley said...

Oh fie on your sitter! I hope you find someone right for you right quick. I'm so sorry. You work so hard, you deserve to have SOMEthing go perfectly!