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Monday, January 18, 2010

Eating the Phone

Like all kids, Eddie is fascinated by cell phones, Blackberries, and remote controls. We found Edward's old Chocolate cell phone in the office closet a few weeks ago and gave it to Eddie. He loves to chew on it and it is such fun to watch him do it.

Dave got this sequence of pictures on Saturday while Eddie was bouncing in his jumperoo seat. Isn't he so freaking CUTE?

This is my phone and I'm thinking about chewing on it.
Let's see...this part tastes pretty good...oh, wait...that's my finger...
Here we go!
Yummy...even better...but not perfect...Woo! This is what I much in my mouth as possible!

Now go back to the top of the post and look at Potatoes laying on the blanket chest behind Eddie without a care in the world.


mu rye uh said...

ahhh! he is getting so big handsome boy! Isn't it funny how they love em so much?

steph.kelley said...

kid with chewy phone, dog with blanket chest — the world is right! :P xoxo

erin said...

he IS cute!